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Content writer or Copywriter: Know who to hire for your next project

Should you want to hire a writer for your next project? Know who fits perfectly for the job. Whether you’re new in the industry or not but in need of a writer to write for your business, this is for you. It’s likely that you may have done a few research and results like hiring a content writer or copywriter pops as the solution. Your source is correct. Copywriters and content writers are the word gurus that can drive your business to your target audience. However, there’s a lot of buzz aroun

RPA: Robots Are Not Replacing Humans

There’s this phobia in the mind of many that the invention and continuous integration of robots into the IT systems of various (modern) businesses will render humans incompetent and as well, increase unemployment. Meanwhile, robotic technologies are employed to enhance efficiency and productivity in a work environment through Robotic Process Automation (RPA), thereby enabling humans to focus on prioritized task, work faster, and efficiently. The integration of automation bots to handle repetit

Except You Don’t Crave a Weekend in the Maldives

The Maldives is an island in southern Asia. A cool and cozy spot for a well-deserved vacation. But I can’t count on many professional 9 to 5 jobs that can give you this life and freedom thrice a year unless you’re an executive or a successful CEO. Many people in the 9 to 5 society work a whole year and save to either pay rent, buy a dream car or (and) house, keep up and cater for the primaries. After the annual break (if any), rinse and wash and repeat for another 365days. Like I’ve said, ther

The Impact of Technological Advancement and its Influence on Customer Service Pre 19th Century…

Customer service is now like a walk in the park — because of technological innovations. Nowadays, you can call contact centers and get responses immediately, use self-service channels to resolve complaints, buy and shop online effortlessly… It’s this likely ‘cos of digitalization, it didn’t just come to bear. Customer service has evolved over the years, recounting from the old days of long walks to factory sites to today’s “get it done in one touch” digitalized era. Before the 19th century, cu

Here’s How to Easily Save Smartly to Meet Your Needs

One sweet drill I developed growing up was the habit of keeping part of whatever I was given for later use. My peers back then would always tag it “stingy”, but for me? My intent has always been to keep it for future use. So even when I was given money as a gift, for lunch, church offerings, and blah, I’ll make sure I keep all or make a change and keep a higher portion in my savings. This way I could buy myself toys and candies on Christmas day, with little help from my parents. Before now, th

I Once Cared About People’s Judgment

Now, it is 300x below the 369 things I care less about… Lately, I’ve been thinking of how my life would’ve been if I ignored the urge to at least write down my pains and thoughts. The more I wrote down my thoughts, the better I felt. As time went on, I began venturing every path I could as a writer. From poetry and screenwriting to content writing and copywriting. Although, the processes I passed through to achieve these skills posed me differently to people than the way I regarded myself. P
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